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About Texas Coaches Coalition

The Texas Coaches Coalition was founded in 2020 to leverage the resources, creativity, and diversity of this uniquely big and beautiful state of Texas.

Back in 2017, a small group of future-focused coaches got together to explore what connecting and supporting coaches throughout Texas might be.  From that early aspiration, the first All Texas Retreat and Conference was born. Over the course of the last three years, with the growing interest and popularity of the conference, it became clear that an independent organization was needed to coordinate and manage the annual event and also to explore other ways the talents and special gifts of our four Texas ICF chapters could be leveraged in support of our Texas coaches. Thus, the Texas Coaches Coalition (TCC) was born.

For their foresight and commitment, our sincere gratitude goes to the founding members: CurVie Burton, Alma Weaver, Cheryl Close, Kristin Robertson, Kim Moore, Cathy Morris, and Carissa Gay.

Our mandate is to organize and manage the annual All Texas Retreat and Conference plus to coordinate and harness the broad range of learning and networking opportunities around the state. TCC is also committed to expanding the awareness and elevating the value of coaching as an incomparable resource in the neighborhoods we serve.

We measure our success by the growth in coaching skills among our professional constituents and the expansion of coaching in our marketplaces.

Our Purpose

To provide high-impact personal and professional growth opportunities that connect and inspire Texas ICF and non-ICF coaches in collaboration with our local ICF chapters.

Our Vision

To expand the number of ICF-affiliated professional coaches throughout Texas, stimulate and strengthen their coaching mastery, and facilitate meaningful connections.

Our Mission

  • Provide educational experiences that elevate the skills and expand the capabilities of new and established coaching professionals in the state.

  • Offer meaningful opportunities for coaches to connect with and learn from other coaches.

  • Encourage and recognize excellence in coaching.

  • Look for and leverage appropriate market opportunities to expand the awareness and understanding of coaching as a catalyst for personal and organizational success.

Texas Coaches Coalition is Proud to Support the Texas Chapters of the International Coaching Federation.

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