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2023 All Texas Conference and Retreat Resources

Webinar Pre-Treats

In an effort to provide maximum value to you, we are making each of our webinars available to you - both in slide format and audio. You can download these files below. 



Janeen Antonelli.png

January 17, 2023

Group vs. Team Coaching: What Every Coach Should Know

Presented by: Janeen Antonelli

Tracy Winter.jpg

February 7, 2023

Braaaains: Neurodiversity and Coaching

Presented by: Tracy Winter

DrLW Headshot.jpg

February 21, 2023

Power, Poise, and Presence to Elevate Your Coaching

Presented by: Lizette Warner

Laurie Hall_zoomed in.jpg

March 7, 2023

Guided Drawing and Brainwriting for Individual and Group Coaching

Presented by: Laurie Hall

Conference Session Audio Replay

Available to 2023 conference attendees only. Click below and enter the password that was provided to you. 

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